BI's a Journey, Not a Destination


DataCamp 2018
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March 10, 2018
Microsoft Singapore
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With analytics becoming a buzzword in the recent past, everyone seems to want it in their businesses. Known as business intelligence for a long time, it helps an organization’s various decision makers take better business decisions using the insights that is provided. However, the path to a successful business intelligence implementation was always hounded by failure – The main reason being that BI is conceived as a one-time-implemented packaged solution, whereas business intelligence is in reality a journey. This session will focus on how you could develop a business intelligence solution by taking the organization on an evolving journey, using the various Microsoft tools and technologies at different stages.

Gogula Aryalingam

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Khai Yong Phoo March 10, 2018

Nice slides and understand about BI

John Ta March 10, 2018

Insightful and help me in convey BI flaws and mindset to my client

Sri Krishna Suresh Kumar March 10, 2018

Liked it.

Ryan Hansen March 10, 2018

More interaction, more logical flow to presentation