Leila Etaati
Leila is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, PhD in Information Systems, Trainer, and Consultant in BI and Data Science topics. She is an international speaker having conducted sessions at various Microsoft conferences such as Data insights Summit, PASS Summit, Microsoft Ignite, PASS BA Conference, PASS 24H, Data Platform Summit, SQL Saturdays across continents; North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. Leila has more than 10 years’ experience in Data Mining and Analytics, and has worked in many industries including banking and finance, power and utility, manufacturing, tourism etc. She writes on the RADACAD blog and publishes publishes videos to the RADACAD YouTube channel.


Course Description
You keep hearing about machine learning and R quite often. R has become one of the languages for data analysis and machine learning; which makes the need for learning it all the more important. Moreover, Microsoft introduced R Server as a comprehensive platform for using machine learning and R functionality within data analysis tools such as SQL Server 2016 and Power BI. In this one day workshop, I will share with you how to work with R and power BI to perform machine learning inside Power BI.


Course Content

  • Basics of R
    • Understanding the main data structures in R such as Data frame, Vector and List.
    • Exploring and Understanding Data in R (summary, str, head, tail etc.)
    • Learning the main concepts of basic statistics. Learning how they can be helpful, statistics operations like: mean, median, standard division, first quarter and third quarter using boxplot and normalization chart
    • Getting familiar with the main packages such as dplyer for data cleaning and manipulating
    • Learning how to use some of the main packages in R such as ggplot2 to visualize data. Learning how to visualise data with the aim of data comparison (among items and over times), relationship between variables (two or more variables), data distributions (few data point, large data, two or three variables), and data composition (static or changing over time)
  • Visuals using R inside Power BI
    • How to create R visuals, and interactive R visuals in Power BI
    • Creating a ggplot2 chart, Aesthetic mappings, Facets, Geometric objects, Statistical transformations, Position adjustments. Coordinate systems
    • How to create interactive R visuals in Power BI using “Plotly” sand “htmlwidgets” packages
    • How to perform Correlation Analysis inside Power BI
  • Machine Learning in Power BI Part 1
    • Predict a Class, using KNN algorithm inside Power BI, show the results in Power BI reports
    • Evaluate the KNN algorithm performance, improve it by identifying number of the neighbours
    • Cluster Data, using k-Mean algorithm inside Power Query
    • How to analyse the result of clustering algorithm using Power BI visual
    • How to identify the number of cluster using elbow chart
  • Machine Learning in Power BI Part 2
    • Predict a value using Deep learning. Proposing the main concepts of Neural Network
    • How to write Neural Network(NN) algorithm inside power BI
    • How to evaluate the result of Neural Network prediction, and how to improve the prediction
    • Market Basket Analysis, I will talk about the main concepts of Market Basket Analysis
    • How to do Market Basket Analysis inside the Power BI and using the Power BI graphs to show the result